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"Soñador" is my debut Flamenco guitar album, recorded with Bay Area visionary producer VGo Recordings. This album is a culmination of all the life-changing, humbling experiences that have opened up for me because of my journey through music. "Soñador" means "dreamer," and is a representation for my vision of contemporary Flamenco music. I have always felt that there was something different about my musical journey. Perhaps it is how many musical languages and genres my love for the art spans across, and consequently, how much knowledge and experience I've gained from all different musical worlds.


I was privileged to record this album with a highly-accomplished ensemble of musicians. Without them, this album would have been a whole lot more boring! These awesome people are, in no particular order: My 13-year-old brother Ernesto Granados (Cajón, percussion), Stephanie Narvaez and Kerensa de Mars (Palmas, rhythmic hand-clapping), and Pirouz Ebadypour (vocals).This album is an honest, artistic vignette of what Flamenco music as a language and culture means to me, and it is my hope that each person who hears it will experience at least some of the joy that we put into making it!


Track list:

1. Amanecer (Alegrias)

2. Piropo (Solea)

3. Amistad (Fandangos)

4. Soñador (Tangos)

5. Barrio del Morao (Bulerias)

6. Solea de los Maestros (Solea)

7. ¡Que Disparate, el Amor! (Bulerias)

8. Tarantarias (Bulerias)

9. Anochecer (Solea por Bulerias)

10. Al Andalus (Bulerias)

11. Notas de Mi Corazon (Taranta)

Roberto Granados - "Soñador" CD

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