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Numbers Station Sonata: Swedish Rhapsody (2019)

This abstraction of sonata form began as a short piece I made using a numbers station recording (eponymous to the title of the piece). The recording was processed through five layers of a reverb - I used an impulse response file captured in the stairwell of a parking garage. I then made a "canon" by plotting three staggered entries of the processed audio, with the last two additionally having automated panning and ring modulation. This section later became the "exposition" of the sonata.

In the "development" section, a datamoshed video file of various spectral analyses of the exposition material is interpreted as an audio file (with use of the audio editing software Audacity) and rendered in .mp3 format at the lowest possible quality (8kbps). The resulting audio is plotted in two instances during this section, also with automated panning and pitch shifting.

The "recapitulation" of the piece is a literal repetition of the audio from the beginning, but rendered as an .mp3 and databent using a text editor - this produces additional audio distortions such as the glitching and popping/squeaking noises that can be heard throughout its duration. Automated pitch shifting is used in a more drastic manner in this section, transposing a copy of the audio over various semitones alongside the original to create shifting "harmonies." The loud passages of noise preceding and concluding this final section are artifacts from the databending process.



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